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Mercedes-Benz 170 S-D  1953 година

Mercedes-Benz 170 S-D

This is the model of Mercedes which was produced for a long time – during the World War II. That is why a whole generation of Bulgarians calls it Shtirlits – after the name of a famous Soviet secret service agent. The car is the latest version of the model.
I bought it from a man in Pleven in 2005. I found it walled up.

In the 50s the owner of this car was the Ambassador of the United Arab Republic. There was such a state at that time. The car was in excellent condition. The man took good care of it. But tough times began and he built in the car in a garage to prevent it from stealing. When I visited him, he destroyed one of the walls in front of me and there I saw the car for a first time. Of course, the man wanted to make sure that I am serious in my intention to buy the car. I think he liked me.

An advert for this car was coming out several times in Autoclassica magazine, but no one wanted to buy it until I appeared. When we opened the door, there was a dead mouse inside - mummified. This indicated that there was no moisture. Then I saw the keys hanging and realized that we only need to put a battery and we can start the motor.

My car-restorer transported the car from Pleven to Varna by truck and on the way he was stopped 5 times by people who wanted to buy it. But – they had to read the magazine!


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