My Horses

If a man after 40 does not collect anything,his realization is problematic. To stay relaxed about myself, I began to collect vintage cars.

This is a very malignant form of the collection disease, but the pleasure is worth a hospitalization. I always keep in mind that this is a cultural and historical activity.

True Time Machine in our timelessness.

I prefer German cars because cars are actually invented by Germans. They invented both automobiles and highways.

I started 7 years ago with a few glorious German makes well known even to the children.

In our country it is almost impossible to find the famous English and Italian models before and after World War II.

My debut was very ambitious - I found a model of BMW, which only exists in 40 copies.
  It was in poor condition.

The owner was a Greek man with a textile factory in Pernik and a Ferrari and Jaguar in his collection. As a real Byzantine he treated me with contempt.

After 6 months of negotiations he finally sold the car to the pagan.

I bought another car of the same model to use unaccented doors, fenders and other spares.

After 2 ½ years of hard work the result was stunning.

Once, every self-respecting man used to have several horses. The progress replaced them with machines, but the issue of reputation is still the same.

It may be banal, but I like powerful cars, and I filled the garage with lots of horsepowers under so few trunks.


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